Book Review – Shift: Change Your Words. Change Your World


shiftA personal favorite of mine, author Janet Smith Warfield explores the power of words to shape experiences in the world and one’s own consciousness. Her delicious use of language both points to and models mystical experiences. This woman lives an examined life.

On behalf of author Janet Smith Warfield and Shift, Change Your Words, Change Your World, thank you so kindly for your positive and glowing review in NCReview.

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Review by Julie Clayton:

Shift gets the highest praise from this reviewer; this Panama author is an artist, a wordsmith, and a philosopher of life’s deepest questions. Shift is a guidebook to life that catalyzes us through the deepest regions of knowledge, truth, and language. Asking unexpected questions and then exploring complex ideas clearly and succinctly, the author manages to slice through the inadequacy of words to express the indescribable. Janet’s well-honed use of words sharpens our perception and transforms our thinking, and perhaps even prepares us for genuine transformation. This book flows through you, like a stream of eternal wisdom.

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