Book Review – What if We’re Him?

what-ifThis is a wonderfully written and important book by Gene Pascucci: a captivating personal narrative intertwined with a deep understanding of the emerging spiritual realization—that we are all pieces and parts of God and god consciousness. As a photographer/ artist, I loved the unique and creative cover! It’s “layered lenticular photographs” of Jesus and the author; each image “shapeshifts” into the other, against a backdrop of sunset on the ocean. Top notch.


I just saw the review you wrote about the book on Amazon. Thank you very much for taking the time to read, review and write this. I feel like you “got me” and my essence. Much appreciated.

    ~ Dr. Gene Pascucci, author of What If We’re Him?



Review by Julie Clayton:

Great book! I devoured it in one sitting, dropping all of the things on my “to do “list” without even a blip on the guilt radar. A dentist by trade, the author is a metaphysician at heart who migrated from the confines of Catholicism into thirty years of self-realization inquiry. The result is elegantly captured in this book: a captivating personal narrative intertwined with the emerging cosmic myth…You know, the one about the illusion of humans being separated from our Source, from our spiritual nature, and evolving into our higher, heart consciousness. I don’t mean to sound glib, for this is indeed the new myth of humanity. And whether or not it is “true,” this state of awakened awareness is the elixir that will liberate us from all that keeps us small and divided–and into a potential that we can barely imagine right now. I happen to believe the spiritual/cosmic/god-as-self story whereby human consciousness is creation/God expressing itself, and am full of admiration of appreciation for all the creative and inspired voices who light this path. Read this book: you will be entertained, inspired, and intrigued. Author Dr. Gene Pascucci embraces the reader with a luminescent cloak of compassion and cognition that lingers long after the last page has been turned. And the cover–brilliant! It’s “layered lenticular photographs” of Jesus and the author; each image “shapeshifts” into the other, against a backdrop of sunset on the ocean.

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