Client Kudos

Julie is proud of the client relationships she has built by working as a partner to help each author bring life to his or her project. These kudos represent the dozens of letters, emails and phone calls from people who sing her praises…




[With thanks] To my editor, Julie Clayton, who worked magic to bring the most out of the story after the intensive revisions we worked through together.

~John G. Matson ~ author of Ajuda

Bananas, Beaches and Bases

bananas Yes! We’ve done it again! It’s a miracle. But of course, it’s not a miracle, it’s the result of your hard, smart work—every photo here, all the formatting (oh, those endnotes) is your achievement. Thank you! ~ Dr. Cynthia Enloe ~ author of Bananas, Beaches, & Bases: Making Feminist Sense of International Politics

The Cancer Path

cancer-path Julie is a terrific editor. When I self-published many books as a legacy project, I was so happy to have her on my team. She was really flexible with copy editing turnaround (even when I was on a deadline and asked her that day), really fair with pricing, responsible, knowledgeable about publishing and spiritual psychology and she is just a great person. She’s a gem and I highly recommend her! ~ Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman ~ author of The Cancer Path

The Parliament of Poets

parliment-of-poets I can’t thank you enough for your good opinion of my epic. It’s truly very moving to me to read your words, good to know someone has made the journey and understands…It’s been said that the test of a great book is that people want to reread it, so you inspire me with hope, just maybe, somehow, there might be a way to reach humanity with a moderate, global, universal vision of life that might help it look anew on what it means to be human and all our troubles on this planet. ~ Frederick Glaysher ~ author of The Parliament of Poets

Infinite Possibilities

infinite-possibilities Julie has been a guide, a scribe, and a sounding board for my three most major releases, of which debuted on the NY Times Bestseller List. Her experience working with writers and her pulse on the reading public has been absolutely invaluable – she is truly a world class editor. ~Mike Dooley ~ author of Infinite Possibilities, Manifesting Change, and Notes from the Universe.

Same Thing Only Different

something-different As a first-time author I searched long and hard for a copyeditor that might be a good fit for my humorous fiction. With broken English dialogue, barnyard physics, and references to sausages, my manuscript tended to take poetic license with the language (my guess is that many editors would have recommended that they take my license away.) Julie did a great job of correcting technical errors and offering suggestions while retaining the sound and rhythm of my characters and narrative, like a harmonious song, well, not exactly like a harmonious song, more like a polka yodel. It is the same thing, only different. Thanks Julie. ~Russ Bentley ~ author of Same Thing Only Different

The Physics of Miracles

physics-miracles Julie does a phenomenal job of providing clear, concise, and timely edits while always maintaining the integrity of the content and the intent and voice of the author. I was more than pleased when she agreed to edit my second book as well. ~Dr. Richard Bartlett ~ author of Matrix Energetics and The Physics of Miracles

Beyond Words

beypond-words Julie has done an elegant, professional job with every project she has been given…she is one of the top freelancers that we consistently give projects to and we feel very confident putting our projects in her capable hands…her skills are excellent and thorough…she is thoughtful and conscientious, and invests herself in whatever topic is required to fully understand the project she has been given. ~Beyond Words/Atria Books Publishing

A Personal Note of Thanks

thanks Julie Clayton is inspiring, acutely intuitive, engaging, and fun to work with! She guided me through the most exhausting part of the dissertation process with both insightful and critical revisions. In addition to her excellent editing skills, she has a deep comprehension of psycho-spiritual subject matter, which has been invaluable to me. She was a friend, a coach, a teacher, and a soulful facilitator all wrapped up in one. I cannot recommend her highly enough. ~Deborah J. Webster, DMin

Visions of a Universal Humanity

visions-of-universe Great review! Thank you! Thank you! Foundation for Conscious Evolution – DVD: Visions of a Universal Humanity ~on behalf of Barbara Marx Hubbard

Difficult People

difficult-people Julie’s review really captured the essence of my book, and in fact, resulted in many readers purchasing it as a result of reading her review. I know this because many of them have mentioned this in their later correspondence to me and so I know that her well-crafted, sensitive prose set the tone and inspired others to purchase the book. When my own mother read Julie’s review she called me asking why it had not been used on the back cover copy of the second printing. I hope that some day soon, I will complete a new manuscript that Julie will agree to edit for me. There is no doubt about her command of the written word, and her sensitivity and open heart really shines through in her writing. ~Lisette Larkins ~ author of Difficult People: A Gateway to Enlightenment

The Heart to Lead

heart-to-lead Thank you for your review. Oh my goodness… it is entirely heavenly. Bonnie and I are together this afternoon and we just finished reading your miracle words. Thank you Julie. We are speechless and moved and grateful. We’ll get it onto our Heart to Lead facebook site tomorrow. Seeing and integrating the film through your eyes and your sensibilities is a true blessing for us. ~Cheryl Gould and Bonnie Kelly ~ co-producers ofThe Heart to

You Cannot Be Serious

serious Julie seemed to crawl inside my head and ensure not only that the words coming out of it were grammatically and structurally correct, but also perfectly expressed my often jumbled and out-of-sync thoughts. She’s top-notch at her craft, and every writer would be blessed to have the opportunity to work with her at some point in his or her career!” ~Elizabeth Lyons ~ author of You Cannot Be Serious: And 32 Other Rules that Sustain a (Mostly) Balanced Mom

What If We’re Him?

what-if Just saw the review you wrote about the book on Amazon. Thank you very much for taking the time to read, review and write this. I feel like you “got me” and my essence. Much appreciated. ~Gene Pascucci ~ author of What If We’re Him?

A Personal Note of Thanks

thanks-2 Julie is a skilled communicator and possesses extraordinary editorial skills. ~Mel Bricker, Co-director D.Min. program, Wisdom University


shift On behalf of author Janet Smith Warfield and Shift, Change Your Words, Change Your World, thank you so kindly for your positive and glowing review in New Consciousness Review. ~Karen Riley, Marketing & Promotion ~ Blessingway Authors’ Services

Insights from the Ordinary

insight-ordinary Julie Clayton was a shining star in the cloudy sky! She responded with enthusiasm for my idea and manuscript! Initially, she provided a candid and through assessment of the work. Her recommendations for the project were well reasoned and personalized to my project. Although it presented ego challenges for me initially, it was fair and optimistic. As the engagement matured, her advice continued to be candid, accurate and optimistic. Her enthusiasm and nurturing of my occasionally fuzzy concepts helped my spirits and keyboard to create a work I am quite proud of. Julie’s work was exceptional. Without her guidance and nurturing, the project would have probably dropped in to the recycling bin. It is without hesitation I would recommend Julie! ~Mitch Rosenzweig ~ author of Insights from the Ordinary

Every Word Has Power

every-word I have worked with Julie Clayton now for a number of years and found her to be an absolute delight, both as a person and as an extremely accomplished editor. She is patient, talented and skillful. I always feel empowered and strengthened by her wisdom and consummate mastery of language; her vocabulary and word usage always allow the author’s voice to shine through. She always gets the job done on time, with integrity and diligence. Her expertise is apparent in her ability to produce a polished product, of which anyone would be proud. I am happy to recommend Julie to everyone and would be glad to hear from anyone who would like more information about her work. ~Yvonne Oswald ~ author of Every Word Has Power

Giving God a Good Time

giving-god Julie Clayton is like-minded, clear, and very good at what she does. Because of her understanding of spiritual principles, I felt comfortable with her from the beginning. Not only did she edit for grammar, punctuation, and clarity — she also made suggestions that helped make the message even stronger. She is a delight to work with. I would recommend Julie to anyone who wants an editor who is timely, intelligent, and clear. ~Patricia Campbell ~ author of Giving God a Good Time


wishing [Dedicated…] to my exceptional editor, Julie Clayton, who has the ability to see all sides of the same story and blend it into something fabulous and extraordinary. Without her editing skills this book would not be what it is today. My book was ready to be born and Julie is the gifted literary midwife. ~Elizabeth Harper ~ author of Wishing

The Last Adventure of Life

last-adventure Thank you so very much for the magnificent review you wrote about my book. I certainly feel understood by you, and that the book’s purpose is understood by you! And thanks to you, my book may be able to reach more people. ~Rev. Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund ~ author of The Last Adventure of Life, and Are You Ready For the Most Important Day of Your Life?

 The Purelights of Ohm Totem

You were/ are the backbone for this book and without you, it wouldn’t have been created. It has gotten a lot of love and your light shines through it, all around it, and in between every letter, sentence, and paragraph. Thank you so much! I couldn’t have done this without you and will forever be grateful for what you’ve done.  ~Brandon Ellis ~ author of ~ The Purelights of Ohm Totem


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