Film Review – Visions of a Universal Humanity


Founder of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution and co-founder of The World Future Society and The Association for Global New Thought, social innovator Barbara Marx Hubbard was a leader and champion for humanity’s evolution toward a positive future long before it became “spiritually fashionable.” This excellent film highlights theologians, philosophers, physicists and visionaries who join Barbara in a practical vision of humanity’s re-birth and conscious social maturity.


Great review. Thank you! Thank you!

~ Foundation for Conscious Evolution, on behalf of Barbara Marx Hubbard



Review of Visions of a Universal Humanity (DVD), by Julie Clayton:

This is the second film of a three-part documentary series called “Humanity Ascending,” produced by the Foundation for Conscious Evolution’s founder and futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard. Featuring some fascinating guest speakers, it is a compelling sequel that explores how the evolution of human consciousness is not only inevitable, but is already in progress, and is leading us toward becoming a species of “universal humans.”

Hubbard’s core message is what many who are involved in spiritual and scientific endeavors already understand and intuit: that the escalating conditions of social, environmental and economic imbalance are creating a devolution tipping point, and nothing less than a radical transformation of our consciousness will lead humanity into a sustainable future. However, to deliver this message in the context of conscious evolution is one that few people attempt or even understand, and neither Barbara, nor the guest speakers, nor this film are taking a free ride on any wave of popularity—unlike so many of the current spiritual/ self-improvement books and films available. Barbara Marx Hubbard has been spreading this message in various iterations for forty years and is truly a futurist pioneer.

As with anything that attempts to describe the ineffable, this film and the concepts offered may not be the “ultimate truth,” since so much of what we think we “know” about reality is reasoned conjecture or subjective—and subject to revision as we continue to evolve and learn. But as far as I’m concerned, conscious evolution as a commonly shared vision and agenda is the best story humanity has right now, and the only one that can truly move us toward a positive future. “Visions” is not only a message for our times, but also an evolutionary strategy for applying the vision in all sectors of society.

If it were up to me, I would mandate that every adult on the planet watch this film. It is concise, inspiring, practical, and perhaps most of all it is an urgent reminder that now is the time to wake up to our potential and co-create our evolutionary destiny

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