New Consciousness Review

NCReview-screenshotNew Consciousness Review ( is an online resource (web site, radio show and online magazine) for books and films that support personal, social, and global transformation.  For more than eight years I was part of the NCReview team, from its seed of inception in founder Miriam Knight’s fertile mind, to the dynamic and outstanding online new consciousness portal that it has become.  I recently bid farewell so that I could invest more time and energy into my own projects.

Miriam Knight and I co-edited What Wags the World: Tales of Conscious Awakening, an anthology of intimate awakening experiences (available on  Amazon and at  Contributors include Anita Moorjani, Peter Russell, Foster Gamble, Meg Blackburn, Gregg Braden, Bernie Siegel, Penney Peirce, Julia Asante, Kingsley Dennis, Cyndi Dale and others; collectively their stories paint a picture of an interconnected universe that is responsive to our conscious and unconscious thoughts. (September 27, 2014, by O-Books/ John Hunt Publishing).

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