Same Thing – Only Different by Russ Bentley


something-differentFirst-time self-published author, Russ Bentley, has a natural talent. In this book he brings to life two Norwegian farmers, Lars and Thor—identical twin bachelors with matching overalls and Scandinavian twangs, who decide to give up farming and search for something else to do. Through unexpected humorous events, they uncover the meaning of life. Sort of. Working with Russ on this fictional slice of Americana, I laughed out loud with each revision. 


As a first time author I searched long and hard for a copy editor that might be a good fit for my humorous fiction. With broken English dialogue, barnyard physics, and references to sausages, my manuscript tended to take poetic license with the language (my guess is many editors would have recommended they take my license away). Julie did a great job of correcting technical errors and offering suggestions while retaining the sound and rhythm of my characters and narrative, like a harmonious song, well, not exactly like a harmonious song, more like a polka yodel. It is like the same thing, only different. In addition to excellent developmental editing, Julie has been great in helping me navigate the self-publishing process. Thanks Julie. 

~ F.R. Bentley, author of Same Thing Only Different

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