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  • Copyediting (line editing)
  • In-depth content editing (developmental/ substantive editing)
  • Concept and development work

Learn the rules properly so that you know how to break the rules properly.

                                                                                      ~ The Dalai Lama

A good editor knows the technical elements of writing and adheres to a structure; a great editor knows how to use structure freely. Julie stands out from most editors in having this proficiency, allowing her to grasp and communicate the soul of your message. If you’re looking for a non-fiction writing coach, editor, co-author, or consultant for your creative project, Julie’s seasoned experience as a professional editor and writer, plus a master’s degree in Consciousness Studies and twenty-five years of involvement within the New Consciousness paradigm, make her the ideal project partner for you.

If you are a new or established writer in the genres of conscious evolution, spirituality, science, culture and the humanities, planetary healing, social psychology, narrative non-fiction, metaphysics, alternative health, women’s leadership, conscious business, ecology, philosophy…  Julie can support your unique creative process and help your work become what you hope it will be.


Rates:  Editorial rates are determined by the hour or by project bid, at competitive industry standard rates. For a listing of common editorial rates, please visit the Editorial Freelancer’s Association:





My Creative Content Consulting delivers proven skills in:

  • Manuscript Evaluation/ consultation
  • Writing Coaching
  • New Consciousness Projects and Organizations
  • Academics, Research and Permissions

Manuscript Consultation for Seasoned Writers: A comprehensive, big-picture and detailed manuscript evaluation, to  determine what your book needs to help it soar.

Manuscript Critique for New Authors:  Have you finished your first draft? Or gone as far as you can on your own steam? Not sure how to proceed or if you really have a book in the making? You’re wondering about self-publishing, or being picked up by a publisher…or maybe you just want to leave a legacy for your family or community.

As you ponder what’s next you may feel too close to your own writing to be sufficiently objective—or perhaps you know the writing needs further revision and you want direction and feedback. An outside, professional critique of the manuscript, and dialogue around the pros and cons of different publishing options, provides invaluable insight and guidance to get you to the next stage of your writing endeavors. As a coach, Julie will spark your creative muse and help you clarify your message and voice.

New Consciousness Projects and Organizations: Technology is rapidly changing how we perceive and interact with the world, but language often lags behind. The meaning of new consciousness narrative is still being agreed upon. I am familiar with, and fluent in, many of the new consciousness linguistic frameworks, perspectives, and ideologies. As your vision or dream or voice is added to the mix, the words you choose matter. Do you want more consistent messaging? Help clarifying your message? Creative brainstorming or collaboration? A consultation of the overall visual/ written presentation? Or?

Academics, Research and Permissions:  Julie has tutored students who need writing/editing help with their papers, doctoral candidates with writing their dissertations, formatted academic books, and provided photo research and permissions for books written by university professors. How can she help you?






These days, book reviews are the lifeblood of a book’s success. Julie has reviewed professionally for Publisher’s Weekly, Amazon, New Consciousness Review, and Blue Ink Reviews. She also accepts a limited number of top quality books for review by request directly from the author, in exchange for a reader’s fee. What the author is paying for is time, review writing expertise, skill, and professional reviewer recognition. Integrity and non-bias guaranteed: what you’ll get is an honest and authentic review. Back cover copy and product description/marketing pieces can also be commissioned.





Design Fiction is an emerging writing and visual field that helps us to understand more about our relationships with technology, with each other, and with our environment. Focusing on the “what if” tendencies of a speculative vision, writers are commissioned to co-design a future that is sufficiently believable: as in, “the deliberate use of fiction to suspend disbelief about change.” It is, in a sense, a testing ground for reality.

The transformative potential of Utopia depends on locating it in the future, on thinking through the process of transformation from the present, and identifying the potential agents of transformation.”  Ruth Levitas

As a future-oriented writer who is also an “agent of transformation,” Julie would be delighted to help you sound out and craft your design fiction ideas.


Feel free to contact Julie and discuss your editing and writing project needs.

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