The Purelights of Ohm Totem by Brandon Ellis

the-purelights-of-ohmAuthor Brandon Ellis was a novice writer when we met, but a natural storyteller with a vivid imagination and an inspiring message in this youth adventure (adults love it too!). He wrote and rewrote tirelessly in the wee hours, driven by his muse, eventually self-publishing two books in this thoroughly enjoyable series—and is currently negotiating with a mainstream publisher!

You were/ are the backbone for this book and without you, it wouldn’t have been created. It has gotten a lot of love and your light shines through it, all around it, and in between every letter, sentence, and paragraph. Thank you so much! I couldn’t have done this without you and will forever be grateful for what you’ve done.   ~Brandon Ellis ~ author of ~ The Purelights of Ohm Totem



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